About Phonographik

Phonographik is the design studio of Michael Kerwin. Michael has over 18 years of experience working with people and brands across the U.S., as well as with other advertising, marketing, and design studios. While he typically works independently with clients, he is able to call upon other talented characters when larger projects require more resources.

Never one to sit idly by waiting to be told what to do, Michael created Phonographik in 2000, one year before graduating college. His first project was with a small book publishing company, where he digitally airbrushed vintage pulp comic cover illustrations back to life. He even took part in starting up a bi-weekly news/culture tabloid in Madison that ran 10 issues, called The Wisconsinite. Since then, he has grown exponentially with experience in a wide range of disciplines, from identity design to print to digital communication.

What the heck is a “Phonographik”?

Michael’s two passions in life are design and music, so combining the two seems as natural as breathing. Hence the name, Phonographik–phono represents audio and graphik (k for Kerwin) represents the visual aspects of design. Many of his earlier projects revolved around music-related brands (bands, musical events, musical instrument retailers, etc.), but has since grown to include a wide-range of business types, from products to retail to nonprofit organizations.

Michael currently lives and works on the (hipper) east side of Madison, Wisconsin, with his wife, Amy and two crazy cats.

Phonographik Design Studio – Michael Kerwin – Brand Enhancer

Michael Kerwin
Owner / Brand Enhancer

Honest-to-Goodness Gossip

It was great working with Michael because he handled the whole process of my image development. Everything from logo design to website, and print materials. He made the process easy, and I love the continuity of all the materials and how they work together. I’ve recieved several compliments on the look of my new business and product.
Jamie Derr, Farmer / Locoil & Farm Fresh Oil

Michael Kerwin was very cool to work with. His knowledge and skills provided the framework for a wide spectrum of options. He knew the language of design and understood what I was looking for better than I did (and I was very detailed). I was comfortable leaving my idea in his hands and giving him the freedom to generate his own creation, which he did very well, saving me several edits and adjustments. The care and passion he has for his work was obvious in the final product. I’d use him again and would highly recommend Phonographik to anyone looking to add that extra professional touch to their product.
Krk Patterson, Author / Demiurge

Michael designed a logo for me, and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with it! It’s so much cooler than I imagined it would be! He worked with me through a feedback process, where we discussed what he had come up with on a number of occasions in order to be sure he was moving in the right direction. He asked insightful questions in order to understand not only my wishes, but also the “product” that was being represented, which in this case was me.
Verge Manyen, Founder / Resilient Engineering