Jamie, a farmer, had a vision: to grow, harvest, and recycle sustainable, non-gmo canola oil on his own land. Then sell handmade batches of that oil to customers who care about quality, local ingredients. So on the family farm just outside of Madison, Wisconsin, he got started.

He created Locoil as the parent company, which produces the oil, and Farm Fresh Canola Oil, for the product itself; both needed visual identities. Then we met to discuss our strategy for bringing these brands to life.

Locoil logo anatomy
Website and brand identity for Locoil & Farm Fresh Oil
Locoil website on laptop
Locoil website on iPad
Inspiration for the new identities was driven by the 4th generation farmstead where the oil is produced–the entire process of making the oil happens right on the farm.
Farm Fresh Canola oil label
Farm Fresh Canola oil nutritional label
Phonographik Design Studio – Farm Fresh Canola oil bottle and collar bib
Farm Fresh Canola oil bottle and collar bib
Locoil color palette

Infographics were created to illustrate this “sustainable loop”. The color palette is derived from the various forms of the main ingredient as it is grown and processed. Icons and patterns were inspired by grandma’s vintage apron design.

locoil category title
locoil sustainable loop infographic
Farm Fresh Canola oil brochure
Farm Fresh Canola oil brochure
Locoil alternative mark
Locoil icon – hand-crafted in Wisconsin drop
Locoil oil drop icon
Locoil recycle drop infographic
Farm Fresh Canola Oil website graphic