Phonographik’s mission is to truly understand your business and customers in order to deliver authentic visual solutions that build awareness, interest, and loyalty in your brand.

your power; your purpose; your personality


My name is Michael Kerwin and I am the owner of Phonographik Design Studio. As an independent brand identity designer, I have the expertise and passion for creating visual personalities for entrepreneurs and small businesses who strive to be ethical and sustainable.

I have the experience to connect multiple dots across print, digital, and environmental platforms, allowing me to offer agency-level solutions at a much lower cost. And when projects require more resources, I collaborate with other experts and partners to handle any client needs.

I want to know my client’s inside and out, so I use a framework called design strategy, which allows me to align brand values, personality, goals, and customer needs in an objective manner.

This discovery process enables us to find the answers together, and allows me to craft visuals and messaging with substance, clarity, and direction — eliminating shiny object syndrome and the need to say, “We don’t know what we want, but we’ll know it when we see it.”


Design Strategy / Brand: Identity, Naming, Positioning, Messaging, Systems / Integrated Campaign Design / Website Design & Development / Packaging / Print / Copywriting / Email Marketing / Social Media


Because every business has their own unique challenges, I’m happy to give a broad quote first, to see if we make the right fit. If that range is inline with your budget, we can meet to discuss specific needs. Then I can offer three flat-rate price options.

Costs are estimated on the level of our engagement, complexity of the project, timeframes, and use of deliverables. I will always be clear about the total cost of a project before it starts. It is my policy to not begin to solve my client’s problems before we are in agreement.


you’re launching a new product or service, repositioning a current brand, or feel your current identity has simply lost its groove. I can help breathe new life into your visual personality that will be flexible, sustainable, and truly aligns with who you and your customers really are.

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