Who Am I?

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Hi, my name is Michael Kerwin and I am the owner of Phonographik Design Studio. I have over 18 years of experience working with a wide range of people and businesses across the U.S. As a brand identity designer, my passion and special power is discovering unique and genuine connections between businesses and their target audience. Then I align those insights through strategic creative concepts to produce memorable and cohesive visual identities.

I was born, raised, live and work on the east side of Madison, Wisconsin with my beautiful wife, Amy, where we are both small businesses owners and musicians with deep roots in our community.

Three of my favorite things in life are design, music, and nature, and all are intertwined throughout my professional and personal life. I named my business, Phonographik because of my love for music, vintage record players, and my original focus on music-related design projects. But as I’ve evolved, opportunities to work with more diverse brand’s have expanded, and today I work with entrepreneurs and growing businesses who consider their impact on the environment and want to make positive and sustainable changes, regardless of product or service.

I practice sustainable design methods whenever possible by offering eco-friendly printing solutions (recycled papers, soy-based inks); using smarter energy resources for my office, home, and vehicles; recycling and reusing materials; supporting local businesses; and being efficient and organized through the entire creative process in order to reduce energy needs due to travel and other power usage.

Because of my experience and expertise, I am able to offer agency-level solutions at a much lower cost because I am an independent creative consultant with very low overhead. I typically work one-on-one with client’s, and when a need arises that requires more resources than myself, such as photography or video, I collaborate with other experts to handle any needs.

Does your business need a little more substance and groove? Shoot me an email and let’s talk about your needs and challenges.

Michael Kerwin / Owner, Brand Identity Designer / #608-220-8054