My name is Michael Kerwin, and I am an independent Brand Strategist, Identity Designer, and the Principal of Phonographik. My mission is to help transform new and growing small businesses into sustainable, respected brands through creative strategies and design solutions that help them identify, differentiate, and communicate in the marketplace.

My experience is broad. My focus is narrow. For 20+ years, I’ve been partnering with a diverse range of small to mid-size businesses across the United States to solve creative problems through brand strategy, identity design, advertising, and marketing.

Michael Kerwin, Brand Strategist and Identity Designer

The name, Phonographik, was inspired by my passions for music, design, and wordplay. I also have an affection for the craftsmanship of vintage phonograph record players. As a whole, the name symbolizes alignment, quality, and groove. Incrementally, Phono = audio, and graphik = visual, because while an identity can be mostly visual, it’s also most-certainly verbal.

Phonographik is rooted and growing on the beautiful east side of Madison, Wisconsin, just 10 miles due east of its vibrant and creative downtown and hub of political discourse, the State Capitol. Here you can experience amazing architecture, fine-dining, kick-ass live music, nature, and civil protests, all within a few blocks of each other. Austin, Texas has nothing on Madison, Wisconsin.