Locoil & Farm Fresh Canola Oil / Marshall, Wisconsin

The owner of Locoil had a vision: to grow, harvest, and recycle sustainable, non-gmo canola oil. Then sell handmade batches of it to customers who care about quality, sustainability, and local ingredients. So on the family farm he got started, creating Farm Fresh Canola Oil. We also started on the farm by learning everything we could about the business, in order to influence the direction and creation of their new identity.


• Art Direction
• Identity System (logos, symbols, color, fonts)
• Packaging (labels, collar design)
• WordPress Website (development, design)
• Infographic Illustrations
• Print Collateral (business cards, brochure)

Inspiration for the new brand identity was driven by the owner’s fourth generation farmstead, where the the entire process of making the oil happens.

Locoil color palette

The color palette was inspired by the the main ingredient, Canola, as it is grown and processed. Icons and patterns were inspired by grandma’s vintage apron, and infographics were created to illustrate the “sustainable loop” oil production process.

Farm Fresh Canola oil packaging
Farm Fresh Canola Oil packaging
Locoil website on laptop
Locoil website on iPad
Farm Fresh Canola Oil title
Farm Fresh Canola Oil infographic
Farm Fresh Canola Oil Brochure
Farm Fresh Canola Oil Brochure
Farm Fresh Canola Oil Brochure
Farm Fresh Canola Oil Brochure