Official poster for 2010 awards show

Official poster for 2011 awards show

Madison Area Music Association / Madison, Wisconsin

MAMA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to “putting musical instruments in kids’ hands”, for individuals and schools who cannot afford them. They accomplish this through fundraising events, and especially their annual “Grammy-style” awards show honoring local musicians.


• Creative, Art Direction
• Identity (logos, symbols)
• Event Identity Systems (posters, programs, ads)
• Copy (taglines)
Madison Area Music Association logo
MAMA 2011 event poster

Nominee selection event poster for 2011 awards show

2011 Photography by John Urban

Print ad in Madison Magazine

MAMA 2011 teaser poster
MAMA 2011 teaser poster

“Teaser” posters 2011 awards show

MAMA 2012 official event poster

Official poster for 2012 awards show

2012 Photography and set props by Nick Berard

MAMA fundraiser t-shirt