Primates Incorporated / Westfield, Wisconsin

Primates Incorporated mission is to improve the quality of life for monkeys by retiring them from research facilities, private ownerships, and the entertainment industry. Therefore, they built an indoor/outdoor sanctuary and were in need of a new visual identity and website to promote their nonprofit cause, educate the public, and raise funds.


• Creative, Art Direction
• Identity System (logos, symbols, color, fonts)
• Wordpress Website, eStore (development, design)
• Entrance Sign
• Print Collateral (business cards, apparel)
• Mailchimp eNewsletter (template design)

(Monkey photos: Primates Inc.)

Primates Incorporated logo anatomy
Primates Incorporated monkey symbol
Primates Incorporated monkey symbol
Primates Incorporated monkey symbol

Color Palette

The colors were inspired by natural elements which monkeys should always be able to access. They also provide a clear juxtaposition to the dreary places from which the monkeys were previously held.