Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation / Kendalia, TX

WRR is located in the heart of Texas hill country between Austin and San Antonio. It is one of the largest animal sanctuaries in the U.S., helping a wide range of native and exotic wildlife rehabilitate and find sanctuary. They needed to update their visual identity and also deliver a better user experience through their website.

Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation website on iphone
Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation website on laptop
The solution was to build a fully customized, responsive website using WordPress as a content management system. To connect on an emotional level, large, color photos of the sanctuaries animals are used throughout all printed and digital materials, focusing on their eyes to invoke a sense of urgency and empathy. The logo design is based on the first animal ever rescued by WRR, a bobcat. Stock animal silhouettes were also used to highlight categories and content.
Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation animal icons