Glide Disc Golf / Madison, Wisconsin

Here in Wisconsin, the game of disc golf is extremely popular and played year-round, regardless of a little ice or snow. And just like those hearty winter players, Glide is also serious about disc golf. Because of that, they are one of the most popular and respected disc golf retail stores in this northern state.

But more than just retail, Glide is also an excellent source for information on product quality, playing techniques, and course schedules and events. They recently celebrated their 10th anniversary, and in anticipation of that, decided to step up their game with a new visual identity.

The new look reflects Glide’s personality and approach to business: modern, flexible, adaptable, and fun. Above all, it has substance because it is rooted in real facts about Glide’s values, goals, and especially the game of disc golf.

thick, circle business cards for Glide Disc Golf, designed by Phonographik Design Studio
Glide logo as a decal on front door

The retail space was also freshened up with new paint, matching the new color palette. The logo and mark were hand-painted on two of the walls, along with new vinyl door graphics by Vital Signs in Verona, WI.

Glide color palette
Glide logo on store wall
Glide mini discs/aluminum can caps
Glide gift card
Glide-branded disc stamp in basket
Glide identity on tee sign at Wilderness disc golf course, Montello, WI
photo of Glide icon sticker on boat – photo ©Andrew Scully
Glide 10 year anniversary banner
Phonographik Design Studio – Glide disc stamp